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The village of Bratca is located in the North-West of Transilvania, in Romania. It is approximately 100Km far from Cluj-Napoca and 50 Km from Oradea on the international road E60.

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The surroundings of Bratca gives you the opportunity to go hiking in a   beautiful
and very well conserved nature because this area is not included in the "mass
tourism" circuits.
In any trip, the taste
of the cool spring water is an
outstanding delicatess.
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The forest roads are perfect for those who prefere the off-road adventure and like to challenge nature in their own land rovers. In the rainy seasons the adventure behind the wheel on these roads reaches the limit of extrem.

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From the land rover's driver
seat, you have the opportunity to
really test your abilities

The carast of the area hides lots of caves, some of them containing elements that are unic in the country or even the whole world. The cave "Sancuta" is located on a small stream having the same name in "Poiana Bratcii". This cave is unic through it's dreamlike speleothemesthet can be seen on the active part of the cave. "Sancuta" is one of the most difficult caves in Romania in metter of access. Here was found a new specie of coleopteres, unic in the world, named "Drimeotus Octaviani".
The entrance of the cave "Sancuta"
does not give you any clue about-
the beauties hidden inside.
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A trip on the back of a horse can change the whole atmosphere of a vacation. Of course, safety comes first, so everything begins slowly, with a training ride in the yard.

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On the back of a young and
stronghorse you begin to think:
"Hey, who's in charge here?"

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