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The village is located in the Muntii Apuseni area - one of the most outstanding
mountain regions in Romania. The surroundings of the village are not too high in
altitude. The fame of Bratca stands in the beautiful combination between the soft
lines of the fields, the hardness of rocks, the elegancyof the valleys and the calm
of the high planes.

The narrow paths made by the
animals that  descent the hill every
day to the spring in "Valea Seaca"

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The rythm of the landscape, without extremes, brings together wide greenfields,
tight and deep gorges, with halucinating shapes, caves that hide virgin beauties,
a late messate from a long passed geological era.


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The sharp rocks that rise
from the peaks betray the carst
that lies underground


In the forests, one of the landscapes most various elements, are often crossed by bears, bores, wolfes, deer, while the fast waters of the mountain rivers are filled with trouts.

In all this wild atmosphere,
the villagers grow their
domestic animals

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Keeping the ancient tradition, the field used for agriculture are perfectly melting in
the lanscape. You can see only the fences wich have to face the survival needs of the wild creatures of te forest.


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The "Botii" hill seen from
the middle of a vegetable garden
situated on Platoul "Arsuri"


The locat techniques for keeping the hay to dry and later storing it for winter are part of the typical look of these mountains.

The sides of the river "Paraului
Rusului" are filled with small 
hay stocks.

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Retirement  House, under construction in  Bratca.

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