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The village of Bratca is known for the beauty of the traditional clothes. The women  ware on special ocasions reach dresses, in light colours and they cover their heads. the men ware black trousers, a light colour shirt and black boots. The inners of the houses, are decorated with small carpets, traditionally decorated pillows, painted wood boxes, ceramics with flower themes. The dance group of the villagte is known in the entire country, in Europe and even across the ocean.
The traditional arts are best
reprezented by the hand work,
every woman's occupation
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Beside the typical village occupations like working the field or farming, the people of Bratca have always worked in some other traditional crafts like "twisting" the wool, processing the wood or ceramics.


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In the houses you can find all kind
of tools used for the traditional crafts -
many of them are still functional

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