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Primavara Copiilor Bihor, Romania

Primavara Copiilor is a small Cornish charity, Reg. No. 1042453, working in Romania with its partner charity, Primavara Copiilor Bihor, Romania. The aim of both charities is to establish a small, family run children's home for a small number of abandoned or orphaned children, who are presently living in state orphanages. To date, a house and land has been bought in Valea Crisului, in the next valley to Bratca, Bihor. The house has been extended and completely renovated, and is now in the process of being furnished. All work carried out so far has been by English and Romanian volunteers, together with some paid Romanian help. Legislation takes a long time in Romania, so for the present, the children live in their house with their Romanian foster parents, during school holidays. Primavara Copiilor is the only source of funding for this project, much of its money coming from its charity shop and from donations. Once the children's home is established on a permanent basis, we can turn to our next proposed project - establishing a small training centre, with sheltered accomodation, for young people leaving the orphanages. Eventual profit from the centre would support the children's home. There is also the possibility of opening this training centre to local villagers. If you are interested, or have any constructive ideas on the proposed project, please contact Barbara Hattam, tel/fax: 00 44 (0)1736 366249, or email: or Thank you!


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